Laboratoire Sami ABID
Laboratoire Sami ABID

Dr. Sami ABID

Pharmacist Biologist

Laboratoire Sami ABID

Dr. Sami ABID

Pharmacist Biologist

Laboratoire Sami ABID

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Laboratoire Sami ABID

Address : 49 Avenue Ibn Khaldoun (Ettadhamen) Mnihla 2041 - Tunis
(+216) 70 66 28 26 Gsm: 23 33 08 82
(+216) 70 66 28 26

Our schedules

  • Hour Tunis:
  • Monday - Friday 07.00 - 19.00
  • Saturday 07.00 - 17.00
  • Dimanche 08.00 - 12.00

Our QR Code

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Welcome dans le site officiel de Laboratoire Sami ABID

Welcome dans le site officiel de Laboratoire Sami ABID

We have the pleasure to provide our patients and their physicians with the latest secure web technology to enable them to see in real time the results of their analysis by inserting an access code supplied by us.
You will receive a Mail notification whith each change.
For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Accès résultats (sécurisé)

Our advantages and our tools

In order to better meet the expectations of our patients and all our partners, we regularly measure their level of satisfaction.
Our team is always at your disposal for any suggestion or need of assistance.

Our skills

We give the best of ourselves to meet all your requests even the most specific. Below we present some of Our skills

Very high quality automatons in our lab
Extreme precision at runtime an execution
Application of international standards
Very high accuracy of our results
Real-time results on any type of support
Android app in the Play Store (Search our lab)
IOS app on the App Store (Search our lab)
Real time information by email and in app

Your confidence is our asset

The trust of our patients and our colleagues is necessary and precious to us, and that is why innovation, safety and respect for professional obligations are again and again our objectives..

Quick Faq

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Introducing vidèo

Vous pouvez vous connecter à notre serveur sécurisé pour le suivi de vos dossiers à tout moment.

Secure server access

Pourquoi nous choisir

Nous veillons toujours d’être à l’écoute de nos patients, de les guider, les conseiller pour développer une solide relation de confiance et leur fidélité est notre récompense.

Do you have questions or suggestions?

Do not hesitate to Contact us

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